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We service all makes and models of car. Our systems contain all manufacturer service schedules enabling us to service your vehicle to the manufacturer's recommendations.

If you live in Chipping Norton and surrounding areas we think you should service your vehicle with us for the following reasons.

  • Experienced Mechanics
  • Manufacurer Service Schedules
  • FREE Courtesy Car*
  • FREE Pick up & Drop Off Service
  • Ample parking
  • Friendly Professional Service
  • Fixed price service options
*subject to availability & fuel not included

As well as manufacturer service schedules we also offer the following generic fixed price service options.


We also offer the following fixed price Full service and Interim service.

INTERIM SERVICE £115 - Recommended every 12000 miles or 12 months this exceptional value service includes a comprehensive vehicle safety check and the replacement of the oil and oil filter. You will receive a completed vehicle health check and we will either stamp your service book or update the electronic service history.

FULL SERVICE £205 - Recommended every 24000 miles or 24 months this exceptional value comprehensive service includes everything included in the interim service plus the replacement of the Air Filter, Pollen Filter (if fitted), Fuel Filter (Diesel or Petrol) and spark plugs (on petrol engines). You will receive a completed vehicle health check and we will either stamp your service book or update the electronic service history.

Pre Service Checks                  
Check Vehicle Bodywork For Damage                
Road Test Vehicle Checking For Brake Judder, Steering pulls, Knocks And Rattles, Steering Wheel Position and General Driving Condition.                
Vehicle On The Ground                  
Obligitory Lamps Condition And Operation Front And Rear                
Door Latch And Lock Operation Including Tail Gate (Including Lubrication Of Moving Parts) All Seat Belts And Seat Operation And Condition (where accessible)                
Condition And Operation Of All Obligitory Mirrors                
Condition And Operation Of Wiper Blades Front And Rear                
Condition Of Vehicle Structure Top Side                
Operation Of Bonnet (including Lubrication Of Moving Parts)                
Carry out Shock Absorber Bounce Check                
Spare Wheel Condition Check and Tyre Pressure                
Driving Control Checks                
Switches and stalk operations                
Windscreen Washer Operation                
Visual and Audible Warnings                
Systems Malfunction Lamps operation And Illumination                
Handbrake Function And Adjustment                
Brake Servo And Pedal Operation                
Steering Wheel Play And Condition                
Check The Operation Of The Air Conditioning                
Vehicle Raised                  
Remove Road Wheels                
Full Brake Check (excluding internal rear brake disc handbrake shoes)                
Full Suspension Check                
Full Steering Check                
Full Tyre And Wheel Condition Check                
Tyre Pressures                
Visual Inspection Of Inner Wheel Arches, Structure And Condition                
Vehicle Fully Raised                  
Exhaust Condition check Including Mountings                
Brake pipe And Hoses Check                
Handbrake System Visual Condition                
Fuel Line Condition and Leaks                
Suspension Pipes And Valve (Where Fitted)                
Vehicle Structure Check For Weaknesses And Corrosion                
Check For Any Fluid Leaks E.g. Oil, Coolant, Power Steering, transmission etc                
Drive Belt And Drive Belt Pulley Condition                
Overall UnderSide Condition                
Under Bonnet                
Check Brake Servo And Brake Lines                
Full Battery Check For Condition And Security                
Structural Condition                
Fluid Leaks And Condition Of Hoses                
Air Leaks And Condition Of Pipes And Hoses                
Check coolant Anti Freeze Level And Content                
Carry out Brake Fluid Boil Test And Record And Top Up If Required                
Check And Top Up Levels Of ScreenWash, Power Steering Fluid And Suspension Fluid Where Applicable                
Drain Oil And Refill                
Replace oil Filter                
Replace Air Filter                  
Replace Fuel Filter (Where Fitted)                  
Replace Pollen Filter (Where Fitted)                  
Replace Spark Plugs (Petrol Vehicles Where Needed)                  
To Finish                    
Reset The Service Lamp                
Stamp The Service Record (If Supplied)                
Put The Locking Wheel Nut Key Back Where Found Road Test                
(Additional charge)
Cambelt change - please call us so we can advise when a cambelt change is recommended for your vehicle and the cost.